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One 2 One Dance coaching

If you're looking to increase your confidence through dance, if you want to learn a dance for your wedding or special occasion, then why not get in touch?


I coach in a very holistic form and I quickly identify where your needs may be so I'm able to tailor your programme accordingly. I work with you and simply make sure you look the best you can be.


* Increase your confidence

* Tone, exercise and focus

* Prepare for your special event according to your ability and pace


Classes - London

Tuesdays: Kuduro & Afrobeats 7:30 - 8:30pm

@ The Space  31 Falkirk St N1 6HD

Course starts on the 5th January


Thursdays: NEW Kuduro & Afrobeats 8-9pm

@ Danceworks  16 Balderton St

In front of Selfridges clock

Starts 14th January




Wednesdays: Kizomba  7:30-8:30pm

@ 229 The Venue  229 Great Portland St W1W 5PN



LUKAS AWARD - Teacher of the year 2013

Other Projects

I'm currently researching further into Afro -Luso dance history and evidence and working with dancers in performance projects, exploring characterisation of african stereotypes.


Other projects include travelling bursaries to Angola to research further on the influence of congolese dances and tango in local dance forms.

Kizomba Teacher Training

In the last 10 years the demand for Kizomba classes has risen all over the world. Unfortunately there aren't enough instructors with a background in dance that can offer a clear teaching method.

Through my dance school - Studio Afro Latino - we offer a training programme that aims to keep the integrity of this dance and reamin as authentic as possible while identifying the changes that are modernising the dance form.


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