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"Movement is medicine"

Is your team at work lacking motivation?...Have you been feeling like there's more to life, but find meditation a little boring?...That's because meditation alone won't do anything really. You are a living thing and your body needs to move and align with your mind so you find balance.

Our workshops combine movement with grounding techniques and short easy meditation, affirmations and self massage. We like to have a good laugh and keep things real. Get in touch for a taster session!

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Our workshops aim to create healing through movement.

Movement is medicine. Human beings need to move to stay healthy, excited and stimulated. That's why we all love the YouTube videos of the old folk dancing! They have that "Chi", that "Prana" or "Axe" we are all looking for.

Our workshops can be done while sitting on a chair, in a dance studio, or from the comfort of your home! They suit all ages and fitness levels. You work at your own pace. 

The goal? To make you feel better in body AND mind!

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If you want a different result, do something different

Are you living to your highest possibility,? If you are, my congratulations and well wishes but if you want to open up to your chakras, allow abundance in and feeling light in your body, then this program is a good start!

One day I was 48 years old and found myself overweight. How on Earth did that happened?...

I was feeling "heavy" with all that life had thrown at me. I decided that I had to "let go", literally, let go of all that weight. Well, mostly because, I wanted to go surfing!...seriously though, I wanted to do something new, to savour and love all that life has to offer, and those bodysuits were a killer to get into!

I had to move. I had to align my body with my mind and my spirit.