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"To send light into the darkness of men's hearts - such is the duty of the artist - Robert Schumann



I've always thought about the incredible power of dance.  I've danced Kizomba at Tate Modern gallery in London, performed at Tivoli theatre in Lisbon and taught Afro-Latin Jazz in Siberia! 


Diversity is the key to creativity.


Current Project 

3 Colours Black / 3 Cores Negras


3 Colours Black is a multidisciplinary piece led by Iris de Brito. It follows the thought process of "Uprooted" developed in 2018, with a stronger artistic focus and reflexion.

This piece arose during conversations with several artists during covid lockdowns. It's a dance-theatre piece for three dancers. It aims to take you through the emotional journey of experiencing life through the various lens of colourism, spiritual ancestry and the "fall of the body".

What is like to experience life in a multi-racial body?...What if you could take your "Earth suit" out and change it for another?...Can we just say we identify as something else?...What does it mean?...Does it move it closer to loving ourselves?...

3 Colours black was inspired by the book "She is Cuba: A genealogy of the mulata body" by Melissa Blanco and the poem "Negra" by Victoria Santa Cruz.

Artistic residency @ LARGO Residencias, Lisbon. 

Performances: Boom Festival & Afro Dance Xplosion at The Place dance theatre, London


3 Cores Negras e um projeto multidisciplinar e apresenta um espetáculo com três bailarinas centrais e um percussionista.


Integrando movimento de matriz africano, contemporâneo e poesia, a coreografia transporta o público a um imaginário intemporal e de metamorfose emocional. O espirito ancestral e perdido. O corpo vive através das diferentes lentes de experiência do colorismo tentando resgatar a sua divindade, o seu Ori, o seu amor-próprio.

Tem também como objetivo estimular conversas pôs-performance, adaptar e usar esta apresentação como recurso educativo em espaços escolares e de formação.


Este projeto foi inspirado pelo livro "She is Cuba - a geneaology of the mulata body" de Melissa Blanco e o poema "Negra" da poeta e ativista, Victoria Santacruz.

Concept & Choreography: Iris De Brito

Performers: Marisa Paulo & Ana Vaz

Percussion: Guedaladjo Sane

Costume pieces: Nelly De Brito

Clothes:Artist own

Photography: Lubandanzyio & Mathieu Chardon

Sound edit: Sara Morais

BATUKE19 Front.jpg

"Uprooted" - 2018 One Dance UK  DAD Trailblazers awards

Uprooted was an solo work which resulted from my fellowship research. It was an exploration of identity in the context of Afro-Latin diasporic journey.

Music produced by: Misternino productions / Water by Sudan archives

Choreography: Iris De Brito

Costume design: Aiyana Phokeerdoss

BATUKE! -  International Festival in London between 2010-2019 

Artistic Direction & Programming by Iris De Brito


Batuke! was initially self-funded and in the last 5 years it received funding from the Arts Council of England.

Iris invited and collaborated with international artists, created a platform for artistic development and developed  key partnerships including Nandos, Trace, France Television and Sushiraw productions with the artist Kaysha.  BATUKE! also facilitated King's College London Modern Moves research project and welcomed AkomaAsa Performing Arts Academy.

During the length of the festival, Iris also choreographed a yearly performance project with her dance company - Batuke project - presented at the festival with local performers and students alike.

Batuke International Festival provided a unique platform whereby Afro-portuguese culture was able to thrive and be represented in the dance sector in the UK while opening up opportunities for similar events to be born throughout diaspora communities all over Europe. 

2017 /2018 One Dance UK DAD Trailblazer

The trailblazer fellowship allowed me to travel to Luanda and research on spaces where dance takes place, the journey dancers take and what it means to these artists in the current country economic context.

I was also matched by highly experienced practitioners in the sector and offered various coaching sessions in which I was able to identify my core challenges and design ways in which to become better at developing my choreoraphic work.

Upon my trip to Angola my ideas came into further focus and I'm drawn to choreograph around the theme of broken bonds, such as economic migration and emotional challenges that diaspora communities face throughout generations.

This field research allowed me the possibility of interviewing dancers and cultural promoters to try to map out a skeleton idea of how is popular dance culture is being supported, promoted and developed in Luanda, Angola.

5 Days in Angola / 2017

It's a short documentary  (one hour) of my adventure into Angola, around Kizomba and Semba dance culture. As part of the Lisa Ullman travelling scholarship I travelled to Angola with a cameraman - Giulianno from Unikflow Grafik and visited some iconic places where these dances developed. I interviewed local dancers and found out about their opinions on the way these dance forms have travelled and transformed in the diaspora. 

Contact to view full documentary

" Muxima" Solo - First performed in 2008

Muxima means heart in the traditional language in Angola. I choreographed this piece to express where our heart lies. The dancer discovers an old traditional dress while tidying up her clothes and it reminds her of forgotten times, forgotten roots. She denies it and embraces a new rhythm and movement but her heart pulls her back in the end. Performed t Tala Visions of Angola - Powell Cotton Museum Kent​ and International festival circuit.

Music: Waldemar Bastos

Original song by N'gola Ritmos

Choreography: Iris De Brito

"Vida Di Mar" - Batuke Dance  Company 2016

This piece was commissioned and performed at Batuke Festival by the Batuke Dance company. 

The work relates to the life of sailors off to sea leaving their wives behind, becoming living ghosts to them who forever live wishing for their speedy return. 

Music: Melody from Mayra Andrade's Navega

Choreography: Iris De Brito

Performers: Theo, Alvin, Didi, Kemi & Gaelle

"Rumbera Soy yo" - Rumba Guanguanco Solo 

This solo is an exploration of the rumba rhythm in all its many layers and meanings. I start by singing live and then "enter" the rhythm. Each drum touch is meant to be interpreted and embodied in the movement vocabulary. The interpretation is lyrical and goes through the different language in Rumba expressed in the song. It's the ability to be one with the drums.

Performed in the International festival circuit.

Music: Maraca

Choreography: Iris De Brito

Kizomba Fusion 

Kizomba is a partner dance from Angola, derived originally from Semba.

This style is currently taking over Salsa all over the world.

This performance is a fusion between Kizomba and modern movement.



Choreography: Iris De Brito & Nuno Campos

Performers: Iris De Brito & Nuno Campos


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